Personalized Approach to Aging & Well-Being

Personalized medicine is an evolving field in which your physicians will use functional medicine approaches and analysis to determine which therapies will work best for each patient. By combining the data from analysis with an individual’s medical history, circumstances and values, your health care providers can develop targeted regimen and prevention plan.

Gene SNP DNA Analysis

Your DNA tells a story. With the Gene SNP DNA Analysis, you can gain insight into your genetics and how they impact your health.  You may simply want to know what role your genes play in your digestive health, how well your body copes with stress or physical activity; how environmental factors affect your body and uncover how your genetics and lifestyle couple to impact your health.

Gene SNP delivers answers exclusively tailored to you, your body and your lifestyle.

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Customized Nutrition

Customized nutrition supports the individuals' goal for longevity. A better understanding of how diet and environment interact
will enable us to help you better manage your own health and possibly prevent, mitigate, or delay the onset of chronic and age-related diseases

Instead of providing generic "one size fits all" advice, customized nutrition approach uses information to derive specific advice and support relevant for the individual.

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