Are You Meeting Your Genetic Potential

What’s in Your Gene SNP Blueprint?

Your genes play a very important role in your health, and understanding how these genes interact with each other, and with other nutrients, can help you reach your optimal health. What if you could have your own unique program to guide you to optimal health? Introducing Gene SNP DNA Analysis. Think of it as a blueprint that tells your personal gene story.

What is a Gene SNP DNA Analysis?

Gene SNP DNA Analysis is a plan for your health, built from the information found in your genes.  An analysis gives insight into how your genes may function, and lifestyle choices to reach your optimal health. It gives you the information you need, so you can prioritize certain nutrients, daily habits, and health targets; potentially identifying how gene polymorphisms, or gene variations, link to sleep, fitness, and mental energy and stamina. It can help when your practitioner asks:

  • Why doesn’t this patient lose weight on the same diet as others?
  • How can I help create a customized plan for their main health concerns?
  • What vitamins and supplements should I recommend?

Gene SNP shows which genes to target or optimize; essentially, which good genes to “turn up” and which bad genes to “turn down”.

Five Principles for a Healthy Gene Environment

  1. There isn’t one Superstar Gene – a healthy gene environment is not influenced by just one gene, but how all of your genes interact with each other. Knowing your personal gene story will provide the information needed to create an optimal gene environment.
  2. Gene pathways – Your genetic expression may take one of three pathways “types”:
    1. optimal gene potential – pathways to “turn up” or optimize;
    1. alternative – pathways needing a different combination/form of nutrient composition to support a unique gene environment or “turn down”;
    1. arrested or low/non-functioning – pathways to support or redirect.
  3. One size doesn’t fit all – because your gene story is unique, a health program should be personalized and tailored to the needs of your body. An analysis will show gene variations and what components should be targeted.
  4. Gene environment is influenced by more than nutrients – although nutrients are an essential component in optimizing your gene environment, fitness significantly regulates gene environment. Sleep and stress management must be addressed to maximize your gene potential. Nutrients and supplementation can help maximize your fitness, sleep, and stress/balance potential.
  5. Combination is key – Because there is no one promoter of health or optimized gene environment, it is vital to have a combination of all four components:
    1. Physical Fitness
    1. Optimized Sleep
    1. Stress Balance
    1. Select nutrients, fatty acids and antioxidants

Focusing on one component will not have a significant impact on your health. It takes a commitment to exercise, getting the proper amount of sleep, managing stress, as well as the nutrients you eat and supplements you take to create your optimal gene environment.

What if I Don’t Have a Gene SNP Analysis?

Whether or not you complete the Gene SNP analysis, there are two bundles that are ideal for everyone – the Gene SNP Foundation PRO Bundle and the Gene SNP Foundation Bundle. These bundles contain vitamins B and D, omega-3 fatty acids, and magnesium and are designed to provide a well-rounded and optimized gene environment for everyone.

Where Can I Get Additional Information?
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