Don’t Believe Everything You Think

How do we heal our community? By starting to heal ourselves: Body: Mind: Spirit
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This is what OUR better health is about! When someone asks “what can YOU do to change the world?” I want you to respond with “YOU can work on you” “How you think about yourself, how you open your self to change or another person’s perspective. A willingness to learn, talk less and do more. This is how WE change the help of ourselves of our communities and our planet #fitness #whatsinyourgenesnp #longevityfactors

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For me, this was the Bottom Line: "...Don't believe everything you think." Seriously - LET THAT SINK IN...

And ask:

How many times have you thought yourself out of a visit to the gym?

Thought yourself out of preparing a healthy meal and just "grabbing something" instead?

Worse than that...

Thought yourself into Self-Doubt?

Thought yourself into Self-Ridicule?

Thought yourself into Defeatism when it comes to YOUR OWN Health, Fitness and Wellness?

Let's put the Brakes on all that (shall we?) and let's Start Today... 2 Things:

1) make it a practice to reject those negative thoughts about yourself that come into your head; any time one bubbles to the surface, pause in your mind and recognize it is NOT a truth... 2) Act your way into Right Thinking, instead of trying to Think your way into Right Acting --> pick 2 things (or just 1, if that's what it takes) you KNOW you should do FOR YOU...and do them today!

Do this for the rest of the week...just a couple days...

I'm betting you'll be amazed at how much better you feel  by the Weekend!