What are your longevity factors?

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14 Day- Burned Out to Burning it Up!


What is Burned Out to Burning it up?  By the time we have kids, get that promotion or seek out work and life balance our day-to-day routine can not just wear us out but steal from our reserves.  The 14 Day program helps anyone take a personal inventory and redefine their optimal metabolic reset and do it designed for them

What do you get?  Phone consultation with Dr. Wells.  We will discuss your goals and get you started with the free 14 day program to follow.  At any time during your free trial we can discuss upgrading your subscription to a cycle that is right for you.

How do you get started? A total look at you, not a one size fits all that fits no one at all!  You are a unique mixture of your lifestyle, your hormones and your genetics.  Let the 14 day burned out to Burning it Up reset your metabolism. 

Total Custom


We Can Do This Together

Don't do it alone. A meal plan designed with you in mind

Flexible Macros?

How are we different?

Your weekly meal plan is hand-curated for you by a credentialed healthcare professional, not a computer.

You don't need to go it alone, let us be the experts.

Practice With Purpose and Dr. Wells are ready to help you meet your health goals. Let us know what your goals area and we will help you identify your health targets.  Meal plans are designed with you in mind, developed by credentialed practitioners to support you with optimized nutrition, genetically driven.